Who I Am

I was born in the desert, and my name means “of the sea.” I’m a slippery fish. I move easily between worlds. I’m a builder-artist, and sometimes I make with my hands (I’ve been a painter and a fabricator), sometimes I make with my head (as a director and producer), sometimes with my body (as a choreographer and performer), and often I make by encouraging, prodding, and cheerleading others to realize their creative potential. Always I make with my heart and an unstoppable enthusiasm-I have mountains of it.

When I believe in something, I invest my whole being to inspiring the fullest realization of its promise. I am endlessly scheming up new ways of working, approaching each room with the knowledge that the best ideas will come from those around me.

My job is to cultivate an environment where big, bold ideas can manifest and flourish. I do that by building trust (in me, in each other, and in our own guts), encouraging rigor, and advocating for adventure. I live by the idea that theatre is, in fact, always all around us. We just have to roll up our sleeves and pant legs and get a little dirty. I’m happiest making new work with ensembles of rabble-rousing young people, in unexpected places, and in service of activism and awareness.

If I ever come to fully understand something, my heart will surely break.

What I Offer

I offer several services, hand catered to your needs, including:

Creative Direction

Have a project you want to get off the ground? Not sure where to begin? I will work with you to get that project on its feet and into the world. I make by encouraging, prodding, and cheerleading clients into realizing their fullest creative potential.


Either one-on-one or in groups. I help folks of all kinds break through barriers and unlock their creative potential, knocking their next big thing out of the park.

  • Auditions
  • Board presentations
  • Interviews
  • Public Speaking

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What People Say

“Maridee causes me to critically think more than any other college class that I have taken.”

“It’s like we were all sitting around in these canoes and Maridee jumped in the water and started flipping them over. Now we are all learning how to swim. It’s fantastic!”

“Maridee is a leader of the soul.”

“Maridee inspires artists to create, igniting their most dynamic gifts to
reveal their true capacity.”

“Maridee encourages you to work beyond your limitations so much that you
start to believe you have no limitations.”

“I’ve never seen someone with such a great feel for actors and the space they inhabit.”

“Throughout every step of the process, Maridee is considerate, thoughtful, and badass. She invokes the conversations that need to be had and leads with her heart. She sets the standard for the type of collaborator we should all demand to work with.”