New work. Devised work. Classics reimagined.



The Vital Impulse

March 24th @ The Bug Theatre, Denver, CO


Get. Out. Of. Your. Head. 

Participants dive into time and space to investigate through the greatest tool of expression we have: the body. This workshop primarily explores the intersection of Mary Overlie's Viewpoints (Space, Time, Shape, Emotion, Story, and Movement) with Anne Bogart and Tina Landau's Viewpoints (Spatial Relationship, Kinesthetic Response, Shape, Gesture, Repetition, Architecture, Tempo, Duration, and Topography). 

Incorporating a composite of techniques from various theories and practices, we will respond to The Viewpoints as barometers. With activated bodies and open hearts, we will begin to move into improvisations composed of alert, generous, and surprising choices with whimsical rigor. 

This workshop is designed to get you out of your own way. Regardless of your experience with performance of any kind, a beginner's mind is essential to this work. Dissolve ego, amplify curiosity, and come ready to chase the genuine.

Collaboration Intensive


A hybridized crash course in event creation and storytelling, this workshop is designed to expedite trust and generosity in group relationships such as theatre ensembles, communities, and businesses. This intensive cultivates skills useful for any field, as theatre proposes ways in which we can coexist. Using text, movement, design, character, and narration to investigate a central question, participants generate original material from scratch.  

The aim of this intensive is to empower individuals to confidently and generously work together in service of a common objective, develop theatrical
events, and explore a variety of creative prompts.

Participants will leave with a confidence in the unknown, a trust in their own impulses, and a deep understanding of what it means to collaborate.

Malleable: Can be anywhere from three hours to three weeks in length. 



Maridee is a leader of the soul. She inspires artists to create, igniting their most dynamic and hidden gifts to reveal their true capacity. I have worked with Maridee several times in the past and would jump at the chance to do so again. 

- Michael Place {actor, director, producer}

Maridee has the rare ability to tap into your character's perspective in even the most fleeting and specific of moments, without losing her connection to the big picture. She has a deep and genuine interest in how you as an artist are creating and interpreting, and is a passionate collaborator in seeking out answers and experimenting.

Her guidance has extreme clarity but always leaves enough room for your personal approach to shine through and and fill the moment with your individuality, always celebrating what it is that only you can bring to the character. She has infectious courage, profound empathy, and exudes undying support.

- Valerie Redd {actor, director, producer}