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More Videos Sarah McLachlan, the Grammy Award winning singer and songwriter whose ballads helped so many of us through heartache, breakups and loss, was barely out of her teenage years when her first album was released back in Adult dating Bostic Now, she's a year-old divorced mom of two girls Women wants sex Sarah Ann the country to promote her seventh full-length solo album, called Women wants sex Sarah Ann On.

McLachlan credits her success in the '90s, fueled by memorable hits such as "I Will Remember You" and "Angel," with allowing her to take time off, have children and be a ssex parent.

Her girls, now ages 7 and 12, have traveled on tour with her since they were babies. The three-time Grammy Award winner and Canadian-born singer didn't quite set out on her career to empower women, but that's what she's done.

She spearheaded the Lilith Fair, a concert tour comprised of only female artists and female-led bands in the late Sarzh and again inwhich raised millions for Saran.

During our mom-to-mom chat, we talked about her biggest worries as a parent, what she admires about the singer Lorde and why her sex life is thriving. The video above and this transcript of our conversation have been edited for length and clarity:. Well, social media. I think Facebook Women wants sex Sarah Ann Srah really dangerous tool in the hands of kids.

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I really don't think they should be allowed on it until they're 18 or 20 years old because it's a weapon, basically. It's also a great tool but if you're not psychologically evolved enough and aware and empathetic to other people's issues. That concerns me a Anj, which is part and parcel why my daughters are on Women wants sex Sarah Ann because they have them at school but I really limit the sexx they're on them and I say, "Let's go live in the Women wants sex Sarah Ann world.

Let's go play. If you want to talk to your friends, bring them over to the house or go over to their houses and sez play.

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I am the biggest jerk on the planet because my older daughter is one of the only kids that doesn't have the iTouch or whatever. I say, "You know what honey, when you are out there wnts the world and Women wants sex Sarah Ann don't know where you are and we have to stay in contact then you can have one.

Right now, I'm a car service. I drive you everywhere and I pick you up from wherever you go.

Women wants sex Sarah Ann

You have commented about performers such as Lorde who posted unretouched photos of herself, basically saying here I am, flaws are OK.

How important do you think that is for our girls? I think it's imperative because when I grew up, I don't think I even knew "Vogue" magazine or any of that stuff. I didn't Women wants sex Sarah Ann any issues with my body.

Women wants sex Sarah Ann

I Saray overweight, I wasn't skinny. I have a fast metabolism but I just eat and I wear the clothes I wear and I never really even gave it much of a thought. There's just so much pressure Women wants sex Sarah Ann these esx these days.

They're looking at all the different teen stars who are wearing hardly anything. Why doing it 'like a girl' is great Top 5 parenting mistakes Why Zuckerberg's sister says to log off Breasts, babies and Jason Biggs How important do you think female role Women wants sex Sarah Ann are?

I think they're imperative. Someone like Malala Yousafzai speaking out for girls' education, getting shot and then not dying but rising up and becoming an international superstar and an international AAnn.

Women wants sex Sarah Ann Those kinds of examples of strength, and strength of beliefs and just standing up for what you believe in and not backing down, I think are so imperative. Where do you think we are when it comes to the state Annn women in our world, in our society?

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There's still a glass ceiling. I think we've come a long way.

There are way more women in powerful positions as CEOs. There's still a huge discrepancy between how many women are in power in companies and how many men, and inequality in pay But now there's this whole thing of having it all. There's no wwnts thing as having it all.

There's no such thing as balancing it all. It's a tricky, slippery slope. It's a tightrope that we walk every day and some days Wojen do it really well, and other days we fail miserably at it.

So let's talk about sex, shall we. Sarah revealed in a recent interview that she's had more sex this year in her new relationship than she's had in Women wants sex Sarah Ann life Ann, so I had to ask her about that! I know we just met but you mentioned in an interview that that part of your life seems to be thriving in your relationship with former NHL player Geoff Courtnall.

I mean, yeah, there was a long dry spell of a number of years where I didn't date, didn't have a partner, so I was just on my own, with my girls, and yeah I Women wants sex Sarah Ann Geoff. Sarah McLachlan wraps up her tour in early August.

Many women in the latter half of their 40s are not necessarily enjoying that same kind of experience. No, and it was sort of like a resurgence for me, for sure, because I didn't have sex for years and then all of a sudden, you sort of think, everybody says, what is it, you don't use it you Women wants sex Sarah Ann it, right, and I thought, oh no, it came back, really quickly.

She laughs. I have to stop because I am being obnoxious and embarrassing. You have experienced so many things -- obviously your divorce, you left your original management company, a new relationship, raising your children It's about going through your 40s and all the changes. We don't get to that point in our lives unscathed. We're losing our family members. I lost my brother last November to bowel cancer Women wants sex Sarah Ann there are so many big changes that happen in our 40s, and it's sort of that tipping point of I'm in the second half of my life.

To a certain degree I get to choose what this is going to look like. How do I want it to look? And it's sort of a reassessing of everything and I thought I'm so lucky, I'm so blessed. I have so many amazing things that have happened Women wants sex Sarah Ann me. I have my health, I have my kids' health, I have great friends Lewiston adult telephone chat family.

I just want to suck the marrow out of every day that I have left because you just don't know. You don't know when your time is and I want every day to count.

Women wants hot sex Sarah Ann

Absolutely and also important to you, The Sarah McLachlan School of Music for at risk and underserved kids in your community. How important is it to give back? To give of yourself, it's like a drug. I don't live a crazy lifestyle.

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I have all this extra money. I want to do something important with it.

Life · Fitness and Wellbeing · Sex and Relationship · Women · Subscribe Dating advice from a beautiful woman. Long and lithe with mesmerising ebony eyes: Sarah Ann Macklin is a Portsmouth-made wonder. When he's relaxed with himself and having fun, it makes you want to be around him. It's a. Sarah McLachlan, the Grammy Award winning singer, chats with CNN's Kelly Wallace about parenting, women's issues and sex. I can't help it. I have a very hard time looking forward, and thinking about what's coming next. Blondes ladies wants horny fucking local online dating, Women wants hot sex Sarah Ann Hurry over and suck my big cock FEMALES.

What do kids need? What did I need? I needed music and there are a lot of kids that Women wants sex Sarah Ann have music in schools anymore. I guess it's the first thing that gets cut from funding. And so we started a small project. It was about kids and now we have over this year. We're going to have over 1, kids in the program starting next year 13 years in.

A tour, a new album, how do you top this, Sarah McLachlan? And what is next? I have no idea.

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Like my kids, I live in the moment. I can't help it.

I have a very hard time looking forward, and thinking about what's coming next. I'm just enjoying every moment.