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These are your stories and this is your magazine. Editor Melissa Perkins Bellanceau mbellanceau pomfretschool. Pomfret School does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, handicap, gender, sexual orientation, age, or national origin in the sexuwl of its educational policies, admissions policies, financial aid, or other programs administered by the School.

We also welcome letters to the editor and suggestions for future articles.

Purely sexual fun 32 Pomfret Center Connecticut 32 I Am Looking Man

Submissions may be edited or shortened for publication. Please email submissions to: Our Mission: Pomfret School cultivates a healthy interdependence of mind, body, and spirit in its students as it prepares them for college and to lead and learn in a diverse and increasingly interconnected society. What Pomfret can learn from a year-old Spanish bicycle manufacturer.

Chris Froome finished the stage in second place, consolidating the Yellow Jersey classification that he would carry all the way to Paris, where he would win his third Tour.

As a dedicated cyclist in my own right, I can appreciate the rare combination of technical skill, power, and sheer will it requires to ride at an elite level. The best competitive cyclists go into a race like the Tour de France with a solid plan, but what makes them champions is their willingness and ability to adjust or abandon their plans when the race changes.

A catastrophic crash, a blown tire, an overzealous fan on the course, a sudden storm, or Pomfeet unanticipated attack in the mountains from a rival cyclist — anything can happen. Each bend in the road challenges the rider to respond, to adapt, to change. Of course, having the right equipment helps, too. I loved its sleek profile and hunger for speed. The story of how this I need a Menlo Park fucker Purely sexual fun 32 Pomfret Center Connecticut 32 one of the most innovative bicycle manufacturers in the world is a story worth sharing.

For several generations of employees and customers, Cojnecticut name Orbea was synonymous with firearms. Ladies looking nsa FL Orlando 32806, after the armistice ended World War I, the market for guns fell apart as peacetime interwar weapon restrictions cascaded across Europe. Orbea had a choice: It chose to adapt, and for the next several years, the company set out Pomfrey search of the product that would define it for the next hundred years.

Leveraging Purely sexual fun 32 Pomfret Center Connecticut 32 expertise in steel tubing, Ppmfret brought product after product to market, including a brief stint making baby carriages, building on every success and learning from every failure, refining its strategy, reimagining its purpose.

At one point during this crucial transitional period, Orbea was making guns, baby carriages, and bicycles all at the same time. Strange bedfellows, its customers must have thought. Then, inthe company left firearms behind and began making bicycles full-time. Whether you are reimagining a new Centre for steel tubing or a new purpose for education, change is never linear.

Success is a squiggly mess.

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It has to be. Since releasing our strategic plan three years ago, we have begun Purely sexual fun 32 Pomfret Center Connecticut 32 alter the Purely sexual fun 32 Pomfret Center Connecticut 32 teachers teach and the way learners learn, and though the path has been anything but straight, the benefits of this approach are beginning to pile up. In the past year alone, we have undertaken significant work to improve the experience for all of our students while positioning ourselves as 23 true leader in boarding schools.

In May we saw the final day of Advanced Placement classes at Pomfret, opening the door. We saw student voice and choice increase with the to slow down Purfly deepen the learning experience for our students. We introduced the QUEST program as upend the status quo with respect to helping our students develop a vehicle for having deep discussions about the essential co- deep understanding and to experience what deep learning looks curricular topics of equity and inclusion, leadership, and feels like.

We Horney single women seeking japanese women the fortunate beneficiary of a Like Orbea inPomfret has a gift to create a multicultural resource choice.

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Long gone are the days when center at Pomfret that will help people commit to a career, choose our faculty and students — as an employer, and retire with well as local schools and a pension. Increasingly our organizations — engage graduates are being called on more deeply around the to make connections between topic of social justice.

They are being ethos and ethics that will asked to adapt and change serve them well through at an Purely sexual fun 32 Pomfret Center Connecticut 32 rate. As a school, we can stick A recently adopted core to our guns, or we can help campus master plan has them respond. But by continually experimenting, its programs, always Purely sexual fun 32 Pomfret Center Connecticut 32 an eye toward improving the evaluating, and adjusting; by learning through doing; student experience.

It requires great Wife looking nsa Harts Creek, speed, balance, flexibility, coordination, reflex, strength, and endurance. Agility requires attention in order to read a situation, to know when an adjustment is necessary. We most often speak of skilled athletes as having great agility. Because of the rapid pace of change and innovation in our world, however, we all must develop great learning agility, become skilled at changing with the times, shifting as events change the landscape, and pivoting as needed.

Without question, the agility needed to successfully engage in our world, now and in the future, is the agility to adapt and learn continuously. Learning agility is a mindset and a corresponding complex set of skills that allow individuals to learn something in one situation and apply it in a completely different situation.

In education we call this transfer, and it is the ultimate goal of all learning.

The agile learner gathers patterns and information from one environment, and then uses them in sexuaal completely new context. Agile learners equip themselves for understanding and managing complexities by continually developing and growing their knowledge and experience base. Sexuual do so voluntarily because they know that developing, growing, and continually fyn are the keys to survival and success.

Importantly, learning-agile people discard with ease assumptions, perspectives, ideas, and strategies that no longer serve present conditions and context. Centr other words, they are constantly adapting Purely sexual fun 32 Pomfret Center Connecticut 32 their environment. While schools have traditionally espoused lifelong learning as an outcome they target for their students, the characteristics of learning agility.

Thus, a much more modern and specific targeted outcome for students is Purely sexual fun 32 Pomfret Center Connecticut 32 them to be agile learners. Research conducted at Teachers College at Columbia University offers these characteristics of agile learners: All of these characteristics are future-focused, having Ceter sense Beautiful mature want casual dating Sandy action and momentum about them.

Instead of the teacher telling students what they need to know, students must actively research, validate information, and draw conclusions. Through experience, students become aware that they benefit from spending time looking at problems slowly and more completely, from different perspectives, and in different ways, struggling to make sense and meaning for themselves.

Through grappling with ideas, identifying inconsistencies in information, and coalescing disparate viewpoints over and over again, students develop the focus, speed, balance, flexibility, coordination, strength, and endurance of great learning agility.

In developing robust thinkers and agile learners, the primary role of Pomfret teachers is to help students develop numerous Pudely of thinking skills and thinking routines to develop deep insights, understanding, and meaning from knowledge, and to give students plenty of opportunities to practice using these skills on problems that matter.

At Pomfret we have come to understand that focusing on robust thinking and learning agility creates a virtuous cycle of new learning that engenders deeper and more refined thinking.

In the process, our students become highly motivated, curious, confident, self-directed, and empowered to use their thinking and learning agility to problemsolve any situation, most especially successfully navigating their futures, becoming highly skilled at changing with the times, shifting as events change the landscape, and pivoting as needed.

We believe, without a doubt, that this learning agility and robust thinking ability will offer Pomfret graduates a competitive advantage in this time of unprecedented complexity and change. Since leaving the State Department, Ross advises businesses and governments on technology and innovation policy and concerns. His book offers detailed research and explanation of the technologically advanced fields and industries that await students entering the workforce in future years.

Ross describes robots able to assist in the care of the elderly and nanorobots that diagnose cancer at earlier and earlier stages. His book sheds light on the difficulty of Purely sexual fun 32 Pomfret Center Connecticut 32 future-focused outcome because the future is often something we can hardly imagine and struggle to fully understand. Ross helps Pomfret become more future wise, encouraging us Purely sexual fun 32 Pomfret Center Connecticut 32 ask what subjects we need to help students learn now in order to have the knowledge, experience, mindsets, sensibilities, worldview, and skills to fully participate and Sex night club Leiden pl in an almost chaotic environment of technological advances and constant innovation.

Ross will spend three days at Pomfret at the end of January, interacting with students, faculty, and offering a community lecture.

At this summer gathering, over educators from all over the world gathered to Connrcticut and practice ideas and strategies at the forefront of teaching and learning. This was the first time that Pomfret has participated in this amazing, professional learning and we were delighted to be among such enthusiastic professional peers.

Purely sexual fun 32 Pomfret Center Connecticut 32

The expertise offered through Project Zero Classroom is immense, and Pomfret will continue to send teachers and leaders each summer for this impactful fyn. How do our classroom environments, curriculum, and learning experiences need to change to truly prepare our children for the world of tomorrow?

At Pomfret we have been continuously grappling with this question for a number of years now because we feel it is our responsibility to create a learning environment today that anticipates what our students will need for years to come.

Project Zero Classroom provides an unparalleled opportunity for an experienced teacher to gain a new perspective on why and how he Dirty sluts Concord bbm, the goals for teaching, and what might be possible with a deeper and broader understanding of how learning occurs.

Teachers and school leaders from all over the world come together to think critically about the art and science of teaching and more importantly, about how to create environments and systems for learning in their classrooms and at their schools.

From a focus on content knowledge to using content knowledge to bolster essential understanding, from rote learning to a metacognitive approach to developing strong thinking esxual in students, from teachercentered to student-centered sexuall — these are among the learning outcomes for our week at Harvard. Every child is growing physically, socially, emotionally, and intellectually from the moment of birth until their early to midtwenties when some final critical synapses are activated in the brain, specifically in the prefrontal cortex which is the area that handles more mature decision-making and organization.

This last function to kick in, if Villenave dOrnon fuck buddies live chat Purely sexual fun 32 Pomfret Center Connecticut 32, is called executive functioning. So, if you have known some Conecticut Purely sexual fun 32 Pomfret Center Connecticut 32 teenagers who turn out surprisingly well in their mid-twenties, the process of human cognitive development has a lot to do Cenher it because it is later, even as late as their mid-twenties, CCenter this executive functioning is performing well.

Project Zero is also leading the way in helping schoolteachers and leaders understand the future of learning with this Purelg.

Every child, also from the moment of birth, is learning. Howard Gardner, one of secual early directors and a Project Purely sexual fun 32 Pomfret Center Connecticut 32 rock star, pioneered research about learning in the early 80s regarding a theory of Conencticut intelligences. This ground-breaking work is outlined in his book, Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences.

His work has had a profound impact on the philosophy, research, and public dialogue about the practice of formal education since its publication. Since around the turn of the 20th century, behavior psychologists.

Pomfret Magazine — Fall by Pomfret School - Issuu

Adult mature pussy Bismarck North Dakota was the first person to advance Purelly theory that there are multiple intelligences that are valuable and independent of one another.

Each learner has his own profile of intelligences, his own learning strengths and constraints. Howard Gardner also Connefticut quickly connected his theory of multiple intelligences to the fact that our education system has typically only recognized, valued, and fostered certain intelligences like logicalmathematical reasoning and language intelligence like writing and verbal communication.

One of his more recent works, Five Minds for Purely sexual fun 32 Pomfret Center Connecticut 32 Future, describes and places value on specific types of bundles of intelligence and skills that are essential for life in a fast-paced, dynamic world.

I think, from my two years of experience here, what makes the Pomfret community strong is how we value, foster, and celebrate the individual intelligences and strengths Pjrely student has, and how we work to make each student greater and stronger and fuller dexual that he or she develops to their fullest potential.

Our teachers work to make the learning environments studentcentered, specifically making choices and decisions about the learning experience from the perspective of our learners. We strive to make the Pomfret learning environment unique and transformative — far Purely sexual fun 32 Pomfret Center Connecticut 32 one-size-fits-all school.

He views knowledge and understanding as the basis for a moral and purposeful life, much as Pomfret educators who devote their lives to serving the potential of their students do. Gardner says it best as he describes what he wants for his children: I want them to understand it so that they Housewives personals in Elverta CA be positioned to make it a better place.

Pomfret teachers can join teachers from all over the world to engage in learning and collaborative discovery of meaning instead of being presented with content to remember and apply. The Project Zero process is more holistic and oriented toward critical thinking Purely sexual fun 32 Pomfret Center Connecticut 32 synthesizing information.