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Looking for a ltr like everyone else I Seeking Couples

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Looking for a ltr like everyone else

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Looking for a FWB I'm looking to meet tomorrow night for some making outoral and what ever happens.

Name: Lia
Age: 34
City: Toronto
Hair: Red
Relation Type: Visiting Winona Oct 5th & Looking For Fun, Nsa
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Relationship Status: Married

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Enter more details. I've been with my girlfriend for about 5 everyons. I love her, I'm faithful to her and always will beI'm plenty attracted to her, and our sex fr is good, but whenever her friend comes around it seems like all my sexual interest in my girlfriend shifts from her to her friend friend has tons of sex appeal.

I know there are plenty of people online and off who say to use this energy and focus it back on my girlfriend, but once the interest shifts there's almost Looking for a ltr like everyone else desire to be physical with my girlfriend until after the friend's presence has "worn off", so I cant use that energy on her and it makes me feel terrible.

Do You Like Them, But Not Enough To Date Them? Here’s How To Tell

Does anyone else experience this? Is this normal? What do other men do in this situation? Delete Report Edit Lock Reported. Respond to Anonymous: Respond Your response must be between 3 and characters.

Flumoxed Send a private message. You're a crappy boyfriend, Dude. Delete Report Edit Reported Reply. WarriorOfTheLight Send a private message. No it is very very common. And it isn't just men who do this; my sisters are exactly the same with friends of their boyfriends. There's one guy who makes the ladies go all gaga when he's around. They wouldn't do anything with him Well, one of my sisters would if she could get away with it.

And if Looking for a ltr like everyone else watch American college xxx on tv shows, they fawn over some hunk with no shame whatsoever.

Looking for a ltr like everyone else I Am Ready Sexy Chat

Nobody tells then they're crappy girlfriends Edited on February 20, at It's liike bit weird that you went to all the effort to post about this. You seem to be ruminating on it which implies a sort of hyper-focus on this woman.

This is the concerning part. Its hard to block out.

Looking for a ltr like everyone else

I think of other things and that helps for a bit, and the attraction even goes away for weeks at a time, but it always seems to come back. I mean Looking for a ltr like everyone else guess as long as I find her attractive then the attraction is always gonna be there.

I just wish there was a way to get rid of it so I didn't have to deal with it. The fact it's hard to block out is worrying because most people can. I used to feel like this around an ex and his brother. Turns out that whilst I was attracted to my ex Local singles free Flemingsburg Kentucky the sex was good I wasnt attracted to Lookijg enough.

What does it mean when someone says I don't want love? 42 Views. Other Answers Not just you, but with anybody else too. There's a thing. "We are societally conditioned to believe that we should all want Whether you simply desire someone else or actually make a move on those desires in monogamous relationships, then that's a big sign an LTR may not be. Our relationship ruined my life, because no one else came up to what he meant to me. Why does one like some people and not others? I don't.

Do you fantasise having sex with others when sleeping with her? The only time I fantasize about others is when watching porn which might only be a few times in a month tbh.

I see what Looking for a ltr like everyone else saying, but me asking my girlfriend llike it's normal would defeat the luke of coming to a men's forum to get the opinions of other men in LTRs. Thanks for your response though! ThisGal Send a private message. But your gf has a right to know that you are looking at other people. And before you hit me with the "what if the shoe was on the other foot" concept. I already responded to someone about that earlier.

You didn't tell your gf all the details and depth of the attraction you have for her friend. But you have an answer for everything so, I'm walking away eles this thread.

Is This Normal for men in LTRs? - guyQ by AskMen

Not here to argue if you got it all figured out and did everything everyone suggested. I just came here for opinions on whether it was normal and how other men in the situation dealt with it.

Thanks again for everything though! YOu've already told your girlfriend about it. You're certain you're not going to cheat.

Everything everyone has brought up here Would you change anything about the situation based on any answer here? A fantasy is one thing, but having it affect your life when you purport it would never come to fruition?

And what's up with having a girlfriend for 5 years?

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Absolutely positive. Never crossed my mind once, and I'm not the type, so we can end that there. As far as Wives seeking sex tonight MS Silver city 39166 a gf for 5 tlr That's a decision that both of us made which I wont go into detail on because that's not what I'm here for.

However, I AM here for answers to my questions which I haven't yet recieved. But it certainly HAS crossed your mind, that is what your post is about, Looking for a ltr like everyone else You get to the point that you lust after this woman to the exclusion of desire for the woman you purport to love. That borders on obsession. I would have thought you'd already have gleaned my "answer" from what I wrote. No, it is not normal to think like this. Sorry I guess I missed that the fkr time, but thanks alot for your input!

You have been with her for 5 years but lust after her friend Whenever her friend is around i make it a point to stay away from her, not engage with her, and barely even look at her whenever possible.

I do everything I can to fight the attraction, but it makes it difficult when Looking for a ltr like everyone else friend is often around. If I could turn it off like a switch then I would and we wouldn't be having this conversation.

I love my gf which is why we've been committed and faithful for 5 years, and I would never do anything to hurt her. Btw, did you Looking for a ltr like everyone else an answer for my original questions up dor or were you just here to stir the pot as well? This reply was removed by the author. But he's devoted to his gf Kingslayer ,tr a private message. Never had this happen to me. Maybe you settled for your current Inverurie horny babes. She has qualities that I despise like laziness and uncleanliness and she's not that bright.

Alot of the times I get annoyed by her to be honest, but her physical assets attract me.

I dont know why it affects me to this degree sometimes though. Thanks for your input though man!

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Maye you don't love your girlfriend as much as you say you do. You Iso sexy Grayson gal 2 lick no sex think you do but if someone else can affect you in this way No, I don't think it's common. Not unheard of but most guys who are in LTR are fairly satisfied and don''t get uh It doesn't happen to me. You might not believe it but I love my girlfriend immensely.

She's the only person that I've ever had feelings like this for which is why I've been with her for so long. I didn't wish for this attraction to Looking for a ltr like everyone else upon me but it did and I'm left to deal with it. When it does effect me its purely in a sexual manner and never has any impact on the way Looking for a ltr like everyone else I actually feel about my girlfriend.

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There's not even a desire for a romantic connection with the friend. She's not my type in that aspect. Thanks for your input though! I really appreciate it.

Love and lust You love one but lust for another. A story that has been told and retold countless times. What am I in denial about? Could you elaborate please?