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Wants Sex Is you sex life boring

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Is you sex life boring

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This results in a lot less intercourse per week.

As a sexologist, I get to talk to many men and women about sex. The funny thing is that most people I talk to tell me that they think others are having a much greater sex life than they are.

Generally, they say that their own sex is pretty boring and non-exciting. The longer the couple has been together the more boring se seems to have become.

I Am Want Private Sex Is you sex life boring

Of course, there are couples that have great sex and have been together for ages. These couples are rare in my experience. The first one is partner connection.

Women generally love this style of lovemaking. In this flavour, the emotional connection with your lover is most important. Generally, couples when they first fall in love have a lot of partner connection in sex.

There is a lot of eye gazing, touch and emotions flowing and sex is visually and emotionally stimulating.

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It seems to flow and there is much hugging, touch and foreplay. So how does one get more of these connections with their partner?

One tip in sex to get more of this flavour is to open your eyes during sex. I find most couples do not even take a look at their lover.

Boring Sex Life

The eyes connect and the emotions can flow thought he eyes. For the more advanced, I suggest opening your eyes during orgasm. Most men find this a challenge but it can be done!

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The second flavour of lovemaking is what Borung like to call trance. Eyes are closed as the connection with your partner is not important.

Most men seem to like trance. I did have a lover that loved going into trance.

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However, I just felt I was a travel agent taking her to amazing places. Since I could not come along I felt unsatisfied.

The touch was one way and I found this frustrating. I did communicate this and she did start to touch me more.

What To Do When Your Sex Life Gets Dull: A Couples Therapist Explains

The third ,ife is role-playing. This can be a great deal of fun. How about becoming animals? Bondage games fall into this type of play.

Generally, this is more challenging for I people. However, playing roles really can spice up your sex life. With my clients, I suggest they start to explore the flavours that they are weak on.

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Most couples do not play roles as it is a bit scary. I suggest passing through this Barista Cash Register and really starting to explore. If you have boring sex, you are actually committed to this on some level.

Challenge your lover to do something different and you might have to compromise too. Suggest your lover takes the lead in trying something new too. An email has been sent to the email address you provided for when you're ready to finish setting up your user profile.

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