New work. Devised work. Classics reimagined.


“Stunning visual sensibility and a depth of emotional commitment.” —Anne Bogart

SIRENS, with text from Tabia Lau, Matthew Minnicino, Dianne Nora, and Laura Zlatos. Music written by Jillie Mae Eddie.

Courage. Compassion. Contagious enthusiasm. Relentless curiosity.

I make rock and roll theatre, theatre for masses of sweaty bodies, theatre for the living and the dead.

My theatre pops up in unexpected places, from abandoned night clubs to living rooms to malls.

My theatre gets scrappy and silly and will dirty dance with your theatre.

My theatre is big for its britches.

My theatre is a compassionate bully.

My theatre craves your ideas. It takes your ideas and throws them right into a sea of eager fingers, and says, “LET’S DO THIS.”

My theatre likes to share, it likes to run wild with packs of yippy, skippy art wolves.

My theatre is our theatre, let's shake things up together.