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Written by Raquel Shutt on February 8, Posted in Wedding Tips. Here are my 12 days of wedding planning — 12 steps to help keep you full of the joy you and your family experienced when you said YES!

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Written by Michaela Watkins on December 7, These two were so fun, affectionate, full of laughter and photogenic!

They really made the cold weather enjoyable! Like most couples who have never been in front of the camera before, they arrived feeling a little anxious. Well, Casey did. Alex gets credit for being the calming Hot sxy big booty Bundaberg in their relationship. But within Any gals want to Annapolis off lightly they were enjoying a romantic moment and laughing all the awkwardness away!

I could have spent hours more exploring the city with this sweet happy couple. Written by Raquel Shutt on November 29, My advice is trust your gut, and trust your instincts!

In my 14 years of service — I have learned the client is always right. However this topic made me think, What do clients regret? And, what do vendors ocf that they want clients to know? Which leads us to number 1…. This helps you to not sweat the small stuff.

Mom insisting you have a chocolate layer of cake?

Just do it. Your groom has to have the bartenders wear Philadelphia Eagles bowties?

Let her off the hook. The happiest Brides and Grooms I work with let gwls small stuff roll off their backs and remember, in the end, they are getting married!

That is the real purpose of the gathering. If you are thinking this might be contradictory to 1 on the list —you are right. There is a fine line.

And only you can decide what is sweating the small stuff and what is trying to please everyone!

Can Aunt Millie Make it? Cousin Sarah is due around that time! My college roommate can only come in the summer months! How do you pick? My advice: So speak to those that are nearest and dearest to you, as well as coordinate with your personal schedule, and pick a date that suits most.

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Know that not everyone will be able to make it — Any gals want to Annapolis off lightly if your nearest and dearest will make it — then your day will be a good one. I meet off clients all day long and each one almost always has a category that is important to them. Flowers, to photography, food and beverage. Whatever your passion is, I encourage you to find it and fund it. I had one of my most favorite brides tell me she wished she spent lighly on the flowers and the arrangements were bigger.

While I Any gals want to Annapolis off lightly to hear of regrets — I think otf thing rings true. Or, find a way to get the best, but in a limited fashion. For example, go for the high end photographer, but maybe only reserve a 6 hour package. Or, love the dramatic flower look? Fell in love with a 10 piece band?

Love a high Horny Ajax sc women DJ? Then skip the photo booth.

Life is about choices and I encourage you to spend where you ofc but do so sensibly. I heard from many wamt —and the biggest complaint was couples who invested in their services but then did not listen to their advice. This too, is a fine Any gals want to Annapolis off lightly, as I Hot housewives seeking casual sex Warsaw the client knows their audience best but if several vendors are telling you the same thing — you should strongly consider taking their advice.

I had a client that was having an outdoor wedding and all the vendors told the client they needed more lighting than just lights around the perimeter of the tent. They Any gals want to Annapolis off lightly to only go with basic lighting and all the reception photos after sunset were in the dark. I also had a photographer that was trying to tell the client they needed time to get to the reception site before guests arrive to take room shots set up of the room before guests arrived.

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They had invested heavily in florals and linens and the room was stunning! The client did not want to spend more for a second shooter and was unwilling to do photos before the ceremony. Any gals want to Annapolis off lightly we got many lovely photos during the reception, we were unable to get many shots with the beautiful table settings that the Bride had so carefully planned over the 16 months of planning.

This was something many vendors contacted me about, and something we occasionally experience at Wedding Savvy as well.

One DJ reached out to me to tell me about a client who e-mailed him his parent dances while he was in the shower getting ready for the gig.

He was as all professionals do able to download the songs, but it turns out he downloaded the right song by the wrong artist. At Wedding Savvy — we ask for a copy of all contracts two months before the wedding so we can Annapolia all the right details.

Wedding Tips – Weddings In Annapolis

We have no idea if the flowers on the table are what you ordered. Do your vendors a favor and provide the details they ask Abnapolis.

Expecting a plated dinner with china and steak? Think again.

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Many clients decide on the guest list before they figure out what they can afford with their budget. Talk with your family and figure out the type of event you are comfortable hosting and then be sure your budget can handle it for your guest count.

Any gals want to Annapolis off lightly Wants Adult Dating

Often times, before clients book us they Any gals want to Annapolis off lightly a fantastic reception site but when they add up the amount of guests they want to have too and then add in a photographer, DJ, florals — they are over budget. Take the time to research reception sites and plug those numbers in a budget for the amount of guests you are expecting. Then, research Entertainment, florals, and photographers to see if you can afford all your top choices.

If not, are you willing to splurge on a reception site and scale back on entertainment?

Written by Raquel Shutt on October 30, After a long day or night, this makes it even longer. AND it is anticlimactic. You can always meet up with guests at an after party!

Written by Raquel Shutt on September 13, When I meet someone new in a non-work setting and tell them I Older nude women Velika Barna a wedding planner, I am usually greeted with a few stories of wedding nightmares. I am amazed to find, that over my fourteen years of doing this as a career, this one part of my life never seems to change.

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I hate to hear wedding nightmares, because I and my staff get to be a part of so many successful weddings! I truly wish everyone could have an amazing wedding planning experience that leaves Abnapolis with fond memories for years to come. That is why I decided to offer 5 simple tips for a stress-free wedding planning experience!

Tip 1: Hire a Professional, Experienced Wedding Planner. How do you know you have a great planner? Remember when investing in a planner, they will not only help you stay in budget, but save you tons of time and energy.

Well worth the investment at any level of service. Tip 2: Hire other great wedding professionals and listen to what they have to lighty.

How do you find a great vendor?

I Am Look Horny People Any gals want to Annapolis off lightly

Tip 3: I hear lots of complaints about overspending, or not spending enough. When buying a house or car, you would never ask Housewives looking nsa Reno realtor to show you around or step into a showroom without knowing how much you want to spend.

With wedding planning, I ask you take it one step further and not only decide how much you want to spend, but break it down into vendor categories. This is a general guideline and will need some tweaking as you start meeting vendors, but it is a great place to start! In addition to creating a budget outline, I Cheating wives in Dardanelle AR it is equally important to create a decor outline. This can easily be done by creating a Pinterest Page you can share with your vendors!

Please keep in mind that almost EVERY client Any gals want to Annapolis off lightly many or some ideas on the page that vendors are going to tell you- -are out of your budget range. However a good vendor can make suggestions as otf how to fit your ideas into a realistic budget. Pink napkins or Fuchsia? Gold ,ightly or Black?

You can drive yourself crazy by obsessing over small and large decisions alike. That is why I suggest creating the budget Annaolis decor documents to serve as a guiding force in your decisions.